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My name is Žika Mihajlović. We are located in Northern province of Serbia, called Vojvodina.I breed rottweilers about 15 years now. My first female was Cita vom Kotchiz, Hassan vd Konigsgarten daughter. I bred her with German import Batzi vom Zimmerplatz and get my first product litter Aska, Ara, Aik ... after that I have registered kennel Crni Lotos.
There are still two females around out of my first females:


Coco Crni Lotos
line breeding
to Hassan

Margo Crni Lotos
very nice type


Latter I have invested money to buy really beautiful female Lady, Flash daughter, and also to coown Bessy Haus Kramer, and with lots of influence of Flash v Wolfert Turm (line breeding to Gil v Burtghann).I managed to keep females in great type, making different combinations, and getting back to my previous lines I have started building up my owned type.

My goal is to achieve pedigree with all Crni Lotos dogs in it, recognizable type, size, substance, clear in mind, and above all, great movers. Also very important thing to me that evolved from my over years experience is trying to achieve so called "whole litter quality", where you get good quality of all the litter members. It is not easy to achieve, but I like this breed and have dedicate all my time for it. Hope you enjoy visit to our web site.

-- Žika and Lydia Mihajlović --