Quick loans with ASNEF without ownership at a click

Getting fast loans is not as complicated as before if we appear in files of defaulters, in part, thanks to the proliferation of private equity companies that offer to finance with much more lax requirements. Therefore, on this page, you can discover the best loans- I’d go here first.

So are the fast loans with ASNEF without property

If we are registered in a list of defaults and we do not have a home in the property to be put as collateral, we may think that we have no option to obtain financing, but this is not the case. While it is true that we can not go to any bank if we are in a file of defaulters, there are private equity entities willing to grant us urgent money.

In these cases, to obtain financing, we can request mini-credits with ASNEF to private equity entities that allow us to get up to 750 euros. These products have a completely online application process that will avoid unnecessary paperwork and travel. We can make the request for the money very briefly and as soon as they accept it, we will have the money in our account in a matter of minutes.

The price of these products is the same as that of any mini loan, that is, by being registered in a file of defaulters we will not have to pay any additional cost. The average cost is 1.1% per day, so for 100 euros to return in 30 days we will have to pay 133 euros. In addition to the speed and convenience offered, has other advantages such as: that it is not necessary to justify the purpose for which we want the money, do not include commissions or links and do not require an endorsement to get them.

Requirements to obtain loans with ASNEF

At the time we decided to apply for quick loans online with ASNEF, the lenders will demand that we comply with certain requirements. In general, everyone will demand that we comply with the same, although it may vary depending on the entity we go to:

Being of legal age, although in some cases they will ask us to be 21 or even 25 years old.
Reside permanently in Spanish territory and present a DNI
Have regular, sufficient and justifiable income. Each entity will require us to receive a certain amount of money monthly and we can justify it. It does not have to be a payroll, they will also accept the salary of a self-employed person, an unemployment benefit, the rent of a property or a pension, among others.
In addition to these general requirements, when enrolled in ASNEF, sometimes we will have to comply with two additional ones to get the fast money:

That the debt for which we are registered is less than 1,000 euros, although some entities set the limit in amounts between 200 and 500 euros.
That our debt, in no case, comes from a bank. For example, a credit card, a payroll advance, etc.
If we meet all these requirements, we should not find any problem to hire urgent loans with ASNEF, although it depends on the financial entity we go to, since each one has its own terms and conditions. Therefore, if we are in a hurry to receive the money, it is important that, before requesting it in one entity or another, we ensure that we can meet the requirements that will be required.

Price of quick credits with ASNEF without property

It is understandable that we think that, since we are registered in a file of defaults and we do not have a home in property, the interest that they will apply on our credit will be higher. However, this is never the case, since all the companies offering mini-credits establish a single rate that does not vary according to the profile of the applicant, so we will never pay more for being registered with ASNEF.

The cost of these quick loans with ASNEF is around 1.1% per day, so contracting 100 euros to be repaid in 30 days will have an average price of 133 euros. In addition, these fast loans with ASNEF without property do not include commissions or linked products, so we will know how much we will pay for them from the beginning.

To know if we are facing a quick loan with ASNEF and without cheap property, or if we want to compare them, we can use the formula of 100 euros to be repaid in 30 days. If the daily price is higher than the average, that is, 1.1 euros per day or more than 133 euros per 100 euros requested to return after a month, the credit instantly will be expensive.

Documents to apply for loans with ASNEF

As we have already mentioned, to get fast loans with ASNEF without property we do not have to present barely papers. This is due to the fact that they have a fully automated analysis system and, in addition, they have included new services with which they streamline concession processes even more. A clear example of this is the own mobile applications that most lenders put at our disposal. With these tools we will only have to enter our data once and, in addition, we will be able to know the status of our mini-credit, the conditions, the term, etc. at any time and from our smartphone or any support with an Internet connection.

Identification document: DNI, NIE or passport, to make sure that we are of legal age and that we reside in Spanish territory
Bank statement: with this document the entity can know our monthly expenses and income
Proof of income: to verify that we have regular, sufficient and justifiable income
Before sending the documents to the entity, it is important that we make sure they are updated and that the photocopies are perfectly legible. Otherwise, the lender could reject our application and take longer to get loans with ASNEF without property, we may even have to go to another lender.

Ways to reimburse credits with ASNEF without property

The repayment term of these products is generally 30 days from your request and the refund is made in a single payment where we will have to return all the money that we have ordered. These are the different ways that the lenders put at our disposal so that we can return the capital in the way we prefer:

Bank transfer: the lender will make available to us several account numbers of different banks so that we can make the transfer in the one that suits us best. At the moment we make the payment, it is important that we identify ourselves so that the company knows that we have already reimbursed the urgent credit with ASNEF.
Payment in cash: we will have to go to the bank office where the entity has its associated checking account and make the deposit.
Domiciliation: it is not widely used in this type of quick loans, we can direct the repayment of the debt as if it were a receipt. The advantage of this option is that it will be done automatically, so we will not have to remember to do it.
Payment by card: similar to making an online purchase using our card.
It is important that we remember the exact date in which we have to return the money, otherwise, the lender will charge us delay costs that will considerably increase the final cost of the immediate loan without ownership. In addition, we must always correctly identify our identity when making the return of the capital so that the company knows that we have repaid the credit on time and that it is us.